Southern nevada college

If you are looking for a truly international college experience, look no farther than Southern Nevada College. They boost three main campuses located in and around Las Vegas, Nevada and multiple other centers nearby. With Southern Nevada College offering more than 200 degrees if over 120 areas there is surely something there for you. Further, Southern Nevada College offers online course work which includes 30 degree plans. And last but certainly not least – WHY NOT go to college in the Las Vegas area.

The student body at Southern Nevada College is ethnically diverse and draws in a large number of foreign students. This offers students an international and growth experience to socialize with others that have different backgrounds and customs. With our every shrinking world, these invaluable international and diverse contacts will serve an individual well long after the degrees are earned and hung on the walls.

From the Sciences to the Arts; from the Business to the Applied Sciences – you will find a plethora of programs to choose from at Southern Nevada College. Within those fields you can choose from certificates, associates or bachelors degrees. Taking it step further, if you are still in high school – you can start your basics taking dual credits along with your regular High School workload; and just about all of that is free. Why not get a step ahead in your educational trek?

Southern Nevada College offers online course work which allows you to earn certificates of achievement, associate degrees or even a bachelors degree. You can work to earn your associates of arts in a multitude of educational fields thru associates of applied science in ophthalmic dispensing and all point in between, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Or, go into the medical field with a Bachelor of Science Degree in the Dental Hygiene Filed. The options are open and available to students everywhere that have access to a computer and the World Wide Web.

Now to one of the main reasons some of you are looking at Southern Nevada College – Vegas Baby! Admit it, you know who you are. Who would not be drawn to the bright lights and energy offered by Las Vegas, Nevada? There is a reason Southern Nevada College is located in the “Biggest Little City in the World” – they offer a large assortment of hospitality administration and management courses along with tourism and travel management. In their own backyard are some of the largest employers in those fields. Yet another good reason to check out Southern Nevada College.

Okay, running down the checklist international flair (check), diversity in educational options (check), online course work (check), dual credit program (check), Vegas baby (check) and employers for you after graduation (check). Wow, Southern Nevada College has it all.

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