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College Southern Nevada

Studying while living in Las Vegas may sound rather odd but at College Southern Nevada, this can be a very rewarding experience. With 200 degree and technical programs and job training in 75 fields, and with one of the most diverse ethnic mix of students, along with about 700 international students from some 60 countries, College Southern Nevada offers it’s students a unique study environment.

Choice of study programs at College Southern Nevada

Students can take a four-year degree course in Dental Hygiene or enroll in two-year technical programs in applied sciences and general studies. And one can choose job-training programs in 75 career fields. It is the largest public higher education institution in the state, and the third largest in the nation.

Experience much more at College Southern Nevada

Founded in 1971, College Southern Nevada has three campuses in Las Vegas Valley – Charleston campus, Cheyenne campus and Henderson campus. It has non-religious affiliation. The college offers various sports facilities – athletics, baseball and many others. And then, living in Las Vegas is, in itself a unique experience. There are many places that are not too far away, where one can take excursions to and explore – the nationally famous Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado River.

Success story of cutting edge technology courses at College Southern Nevada

In his State of the Union address to the nation in January 2012, President Obama called for a national commitment to train 2 million Americans with skills that will lead directly to a job. As an example, he introduced Jackie Bray from NC. Jackie was an out-of-work mechanic who enrolled in a course in a local college. This course was developed in partnership with Siemens, who then employed Jackie in their local gas turbine factory. In their website, College Southern Nevada has announced that the college implemented such courses even before the President made his speech. The authorities are proud to introduce students such as Shawn Greene, who was laid off in 2012 from his job at a local air conditioning company. The 24 year-old Shawn enrolled in a brand new natural gas heat program that was developed in partnership with local Energy companies, Southwest Gas and IntelliChoice Energy. This program teaches technicians to install and maintain natural gas heat pumps. This technology is new to this country, and use of natural gas heat pumps results in 80% reduction in energy costs over existing methods of heating. Shawn is now employed by IntelliChoice Energy, and works on research and development.

Something new and exciting is always happening at College Southern Nevada – as more and more students are discovering.

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